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Poster: indiworks Date: Jan 5, 2006 8:25pm
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: still two problems: strange numbers & thumbnails

there are some strange numbers and letters next to my movie's title and i can't get rid of them through editing the page. it looks like it was part of the title and i find that a bit irritating...

also no thumbnails have been generated although the movie is an mpeg-4 file (it is h.264 encoded, maybe this is the reason why.) i have done an animated .gif (85 thumbnails, attached to this post) that i would like to upload myself, but i can't find a way: when i try uploading the thumbnails to my ftp directory i get an "authentication failed" error. (also i still have to find out what file exactly is needed so that the thumbnails would appear where they should.)

and i just noticed a third thing, but i'm not sure about this: the "batting average" still shows 0%, but the counter indicates 11 downloads for those first six days since i uploaded the movie. this could be correct, but maybe this is broken, too...?

since i am linking to the movie's site from a few other sites, forums etc. i want to make sure the page is really working and don't want to wait for a couple of weeks until i might be told that i have to upload the movie again... (i don't really want to do this, since this is a 332mb upload.)

the movie's page:

any ideas anyone here...?


valentin (indiworks)

p.s.: in case you missed it: there is now an "indie movies" group at for all those interested in independent filmmaking. this could be useful for exchanging ideas/tips and also help to promote those indie movies on

Attachment: vincent_thumbnails.gif